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announced at that time, we would not have had to close down half of manhattan it wouldn't have cost $200 million a year, and the defendants would be on death row. >> instead, the military trial of ksm may not begin until the year 2015. then again, as davidson notes, eyes of the nation have not exactly turned to his pretrial hearings which have staggered along at guantanamo like around out of town show that anyone has any intention of seeing. joining me, amy davidson. we've been talking about, in an effort to draw more attention to what is happening, talking about the lack of discussion, which is nothing of the eyeballs turned, to words what's a huge deal for the country and for the city. >> one would think would be a huge dealing it is a mystery it's no like we're a country that doesn't like courtroom dramas. it not like a country that hasn't been changed by 9/11. so that's where i started, why -- why aren't we more excited about the trials? why aren't we following them? even pretrial hearing for khalid shaikh mohammed, under a couple of answers, one is what holder was talking about how
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1